Trips Starting at:

$660 + Tip

For the standard trip, we fish in and around The Race between Fisher’s Island and Long Island. When not fishing, we conduct lighthouse trips, sunset dinner cruises, and customized trips; descriptions of our trip options are explained in detail below. Early in the season you may see us anywhere from Watch Hill to the Connecticut River.

For larger groups (more than six), we are affiliated with multiple other charter boats in the area and will coordinate to bring on additional boats.

Lenght of Trip Cost Time of Day
5 Hour Trip $660 Morning or Afternoon
7 Hour Trip $800 Morning Only
8-9 Hour Trip $900 Morning Only
Night Bass (5 Hour) $750 Night Only
Shark Trip (Montauk) $1300 Morning Only
Tuna $1800 Morning Only
Burials at Sea $1200 Morning or Afternoon
Custom Corporate and Family Trips $300 & up Morning or Afternoon
2 Hour Lighthouse Trip $250 Evening only
Dinner/Sunset Lighthouse Trip $350 Evening only

Standard Trip


Standard Trip: Targets striped bass and is usually 5 hours in duration. After July 4th, we catch many more blue fish than striped bass; we’re still targeting stripers but it is challenging to get past the blue fish for the bass. During our standard trip, you can expect a combination of the three styles of striper fishing: umbrella trolling, snapping wire and three-way drift fishing. The first, when the tide (current) is not moving, is with umbrella rigs and trolling with wire line. Snapping wire is another very productive way to fish where we jig lures that look like squid on 300+ feet of wire line. Lastly is three-way drift fishing where we use braided line and 1+ pound of weight to get the lures down onto the shoal where the bass are waiting.

Combination Addition:

We have many clients who opt for combining our standard trip with some bottom fishing for fluke, seabass or scup. Because this adds additional tackle, bait, and gear requirements, there is a modest $60 fee.

Longer Trip Addition:

Another optional addition to the standard trip is to add hours and go to either Montauk or Block Island. These Montauk or Block Island trips are almost always a combination trip but the combination trip fee is waived with longer trips.

Shark Trip

$1600 plus tip 14 hours


Targets Threshers and Mako; usually 14 hours in duration. Trips normally run from the last week in June through September. During our shark trip, you can expect drift fishing with shark chum and usually multiple sharks hooked per trip.

Tuna Trip

$1800 + tip 16 hours


Targets Yellowfin and small Bluefin Tuna; usually 16 hours in duration. Trips normally run from late July through September. During our tuna trips, you can expect to troll south of Montauk for the duration of the trip, looking for that big one.

Burials at Sea

$1200 - 3 hours


3 hours in duration. Must be coordinated in advance with Captain Andy; call or text.

Lighthouse/Dinner cruise

$300 - 3 hours


During this trip, you will view three or more lighthouses, normally New London Ledge Light, New London Light, and Race Rock Light; trips are usually 3 hours in duration. Trips normally run in the evening, starting one and a half hours before sunset. During our lighthouse trips, we will discuss the history of the Thames River and the lighthouses you will be viewing. You may bring your own dinner or enjoy one of the delicious lobster rolls from Captain Scott’s Restaurant (at your own cost).